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AIR29/2796 ORB for Eastern Sector Operations Centre at RAF Bawburgh
(3 miles west of Norwich town centre)

notes by Paul Fuller & Dave Clarke

Sector Controller in August 1956 was Wing Commander J.R.A. Embling
Other officers included M.J.A Ffolliot-Foster [deceased] & R.G. Grocott.

August 1956 had details of Exercise Fabulous:

"One of the highest figures recorded was attained on Fabulous scrambles during August. On 56 occasions the duty squadrons were called on to investigate X Raids. This brings the total number of scrambles to date to 1798."

The Daily Roster gives the following:

Day Squadrons

August 1956
1 - 3, No 19 Squadron Horsham St Faith, Meteor 8
3 - 10, No 41 Squadron Biggin Hill -
10 - 17, No 257 Squadron Horsham St Faith, Hunter 5
17 - 24, No 245 Squadron Stradishall, Meteor 8
24 - 30, No 63 Squadron Waterbeach, Meteor 8

Night A/W Squadrons

1-10, No 219 Squadron Waterbeach, Venom
10-17, No 23 Squadron Waterbeach, Venom
17-24, No 153 Squadron Waterbeach, Venom
24-31, No 72 Squadron Waterbeach, Venom

Ciano exercise no 39 took place on Friday 10 August

"A [radar] jamming force of 7 Lincolns and 2 Canberras screened an attacking force of 7 Meteor NFs and 6 Venoms. The raiders penetrated the coast after jamming on VHF and radar. Window was dropped in CH and DH [sectors in the North Sea]. There were 44 Sorties resulting in 19 Sightings and 14 Claims."

Ciano Exercise 41 took place on 23rd August
Ciano 43 on 28th August

Interestingly between 5th and 6th July USAF aircraft were intercepted by fighters under the control of Neatishead and Langtoft (Lincolnshire).