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The RAF Lakenheath/Bentwaters Incidents
August 13-14 1956

The Lakenheath Collaboration
Document Archive

Transcripts and facsimiles of the entire primary evidence base of the Lakenheath Collaboration
are accessible from here. A brief history of the case giving the background to this archive can be read


U.S.A.F. & Project Blue Book

i CIRVIS report BOI-485 from Lakenheath to ADC, ATIC, AFOIN, 16 August 1956

i CIRVIS report IDO-73351, from ADC to SAC, USAFE, 3rd AF, 17 August 1956

i Air Intelligence Report IR-1-56, 81st Fighter Bomber Wing, Bentwaters, 31 August 1956

i Air Intelligence Report SAC IR-2-56, D/I CINCSAC Offut AFB, Nebraska, 17 August 1956

i Blue Book project 10073 Record Card (6 pages) - undated

i ATIC Memo Routing Slip, by Capt. Gregory, internal distribution, 5 September 1956

i Report to DI HQ Washington by Captain Gregory, ATIC, 5 September 1956

i Memo from Dr L.V. Robinson, Air Science Division to Blue Book, 27 August 1956

i Memo from Dr J. Allen Hynek, 'Evaluation of Lakenheath Reports', 17 October 1956

i Memo from Dr. H. A. Miley AFOIN-4E4 to Col. G. C. Hoffman AFOIN-4E1, 7 Nov 1956

i Letter to Dr. Hynek from Captain Gregory (with sketch map), 26 November 1956

i Letter to Robert J. Low from Dr. Donald Menzel, 15 March 1968 ref Perkins' report.

i Letter from Dr. J. Allen Hynek to Dr. James E. McDonald, 11 September 1970

PERKINS, T/Sgt Forrest

i -letter to U. of Colorado, February 1968 (transcript of handwritten original with diagram)
i -copy of above with marginal annotations by Robert Low, Project Administrator
i -letter of acknowledgement from Pauline Haslett, UFO Project, 8 March 1968
i -letter to National Enquirer late March/early April 1972
i -letter to Stanton Friedman 14 Aug 1975
i -letter to Stanton Friedman 20 Aug 1975
i -letter to G. David Thayer, 27 July 1976
i -letter (unfinished) to G. David Thayer, about 1 Aug 1976
i -letter to Stanton Friedman 03 Sept 1978
i -letter to Martin Shough 18 Aug 1987
i -letter to Martin Shough mid-Sept 1987
i -letter to Martin Shough 12 Feb 1988

i METZ, Lt Charles, 512th FIS, Bentwaters 1955-57, e-mail to Dave Clarke dated 18 March 2002

i SIMPSON, William, GCA Operator, Bentwaters 1956-57, e-mail to DC dated 5 June 2002

i THOMAS, Raymond, GCA Bentwaters, e-mail to DC re UFO events 1956

i GOSSETT, Richard, CMS Retired, re Lakenheath UFO alert of April 1958, e-mail to DC dated 29 December 2001

i O'TOOLE, Walter, Editor Bentwaters Base Newspaper 1956-9, email to DC 25 March 2003

R.A.F. and MoD material

i PRO AIR 2/18564 8 May 1957: briefing by DDI (Tech) to S6 Air Ministry re 'unexplained radar incidents' in 1956.

i PRO CAB 159/37: Minutes of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), Cabinet Office, Whitehall, 1957.

i PRO AIR 29/2631: 271 Signals Unit, RAF Neatishead, Operations Record Book 1956.

i PRO AIR 29/2631: 271 Signals Unit, RAF Neatishead, Operations Record Book 1957-8.

i PRO AIR 29/2796: Eastern Sector Operations Centre, RAF Bawburgh, ORB, 1956.

i PRO AIR 29/2797: Metropolitan Sector Operations Centre, RAF Kelvedon Hatch (Trimley Heath), Essex, 1956-58.

i PRO AIR 27/2742: RAF No 23 Squadron, Operations Record Book, August 1956.

i RAF 23 Squadron Diary entry, dated 13 August 1956.

i PRO AIR 28/1439: RAF Waterbeach station logbook/253 Squadron (AIR 27/3119).

i PRO AIR 28/1370: RAF Horsham St Faith, Operations Record Book (form 540) Jan 1956 to Jul 1963

i PRO AIR 28/1343: ORB for RAF Coltishall, Jan 1956 to December 1960

i PRO AIR29/2610: ORB for Air Defence Operations Centre, Bentley Priory, Jan 1956 to November 1960.

i PRO AIR29/2796: ORB for Eastern Sector Operations Centre, RAF Bawburgh.

i PRO AIR 20/12056: Letter from P.R. Smith to S4f(Air) 25 March 1969 enclosing cutting from Daily Telegraph re Condon study and Lakenheath incident, reply from Les Ackhurst.

i PRO AIR10/6200 & AIR2/12264: SARAH (Search and Rescue and Homing) beacon

i PRO MJ1/436, Met. Office R&D Establishment, & AIR 29/2986, RAF Balloons Unit, RAF Cardington, Beds.

i PRO AIR 2/18871: Letter from Air Commodore Anthony N. Davis to Charles Lockwood, 17 March 1972 re Lakenheath incident.

i PRO AIR 2/18871: Memo re. 'Correspondence for Official Action' annotated by Air Commodore A. N. Davis 19 July 1972.

i BBC Radio Oxford programme, hand-written notes by Air Commodore Anthony Davis.

WIMBLEDON, Flt Lt Freddie
i -letter to Sunday Times, 19 March 1978
i -letter to Flying Saucer Review, 24/1, June 1978
i -letter to Stanton Freidman, 16 Aug 1978
i -letter to G. David Thayer, 23 Sept 1978
i -letter to G. David Thayer, 18 Jan 1979
i -correspondence with Phil Klass, 1979 (missing)
i -correspondence with Ian Ridpath, 1979
i -letter to Martin Shough, 15 Sept 1986
i -letter to Martin Shough, 12 Oct 1986
i -letter to Martin Shough, 13 Oct 1987
i -letter to Martin Shough, 25 Jan 1988
i -letters to Jenny Randles, Nov 2000
i -letter to RAF Neatishead Air Warfare Radar Museum Newsletter 22 (2000)
i -correspondence with David Clarke, 2001-2
i -transcript of interview with Dave Clarke and Andy Roberts, 25 March 2001
i -follow up interview for BBC Radio 4, March 2002

i BOWDEN, Cpl John, ground radar fitter, RAF Neatishead, 1951-57, e-mail and letter dated August 2001

i CLIFT, Squadron Ldr Douglas, fighter controller RAF Neatishead, 1956- letter dated 24 April 2002 and phone conversation

i Squadron Leader X, notes from phone conversation 13-3-02 and Met Sector ORB note re visit of Belgian officers to Neatishead.

i MAUGHAN, Lac Harry, RAF Neatishead, 1957-58. Note from phone conversation re 'angels' and UFOs.

i GROCOTT, Wing Commander R.G. Eastern Sector, 1956 letter re role of Sector in incident, 28 July 2001

i HOBSON, Graeme, interception controller RAF Neatishead 1956, letter dated 4 February 2002.

i ROBB, Douglas, Museum Manager, RAF Neatishead radar museum, transcript of BBC Radio 4 interview, April 2002

i SQUIRE, Flt. Lt. Nick, 23 Squadron Historian, email to Dave Clarke February 2003

NOYES, Ralph - Air Ministry and MoD, 1949-77
i -transcript of interview with Dave Clarke and Andy Roberts, 1989
i -transcript of interview with Jenny Randles, 1996
i -video copy of interview with BBC, 1996 (questions from Jenny Randles)

i MITCHELL, Sqn Ldr Victor, MoD Ops (GE)2 (RAF), 1977-80 - transcript of interview October 2002

i MOORE, Air Vice Marshal Charles, director of intelligence Air Ministry 1956, letter dated 24 June 2001 re ACAS (I) and Lakenheath incident

i FINLAYSON, Group Captain P.J. Commanding Officer, 253 Squadron 1956, letter dated 1 September 2001.

i BROOKS, Squadron Leader Clive, Commanding Officer 253 Squadron 1956, telephone interview

i GAZE, Sqdn Ldr David, radar technician RAF Neatishead, 1955-57, notes from conversation with him and colleagues LE Watten, JP O'Brien and John Bebbington, 2001.

i GOODE, Iain, MoD Deputy Records Officer, New Scotland Yard, letters dated 2001.

i HUDSON, P., Assist. Sec. S6(Air), Air Ministry, 1956-7, letter to David Clarke 24 Sept 2002

23 Squadron RAF:

i ARTHUR, F/O Leslie, phone conversation 9 March 2001

SCOFIELD, F/O Grahame,
i - shorthand notes of telephone interview with Dave Clarke, May 2001
i - letter to Dave Clarke, 11 June 2001
i - letter to Dave Clarke, 01 February 2003
i - copy of flying logbook entry

i - transcript of interview with Dave Clarke & Steven Payne, 4 March 2001
i - copy of logbook entry

i -letter dated 1 November 2000
i -copy of logbook entry
i -interview transcript 11 February 2001
i -transcript of BBC Radio 4 interview, April 2002

i FRASER-KERR, F/O Ian, e-mails dated January/March 2001

i -transcript of interview with Jenny Randles, January 1996
i -letter dated 23 October 2000
i -copy of logbook entry
i -transcript of interview with Dave Clarke & Andy Roberts, 12 November 2000
i -interview with Logan and Brady outside RAF Lakenheath 1996, Jenny Randles (transcript from video copy)

i SMITH, F/O Colin letter dated 17 March 2001

i DELL, F/O D.E. notes from phone conversation, March 2001

i AIKEN, F/O Patrick notes from phone conversation March 2001

i RICHARDS, F/O Ron, notes from phone conversation January 2003

Civilian visual witnesses

i Letter from John Killock to London Daily Express, 1978 (extract with diagram)

i Answers from John Killock to questions by Martin Shough, Feb 1988

i Letter from John Killock to Martin Shough, 02 March 1988 (narrative account)

i Map of Ely visual sighting locations by John Killock

i Notes of telephone conversation between John Killock and Martin Shough (presently missing)

i Notes by Jenny Randles re Otterburn, Northumberland, visual sighting


Meteorological charts and balloon soundings from Met.Office Daily Weather Reports and Daily Aerological Record for 13/14 August 1956 supplied by Paul Fuller

Astronomical data for the Suffolk, England area, 13/14 August 1956, sky-maps courtesy Coeli Adastra "Freestar" digital planetarium

Records of Geomagnetic and Auroral Activity for August 1956

A.P. (Air Ministry Air Publication) 4335C Vol.1, Venom NF Mk.3 Aircraft - General and Technical Information (Amendment List 45, Jul. 56 - A.L.57, Nov.57)

A.P. 4335B Vol 1, Sect. 6, Chap.1, Venom NF2/3 Wireless Installation (A.L.42, Oct.54)

A.P. 2538HA, Vol.1, Part 1, Sect.1, 10-channel VHF and Airborne Relay Equipment, General and Technical Information (A.L.1, Mar. 50)

A.P. 1275E, Vol.1, Sect.5 (A.I.84) Chap.5, Gyro Gun Sight, Mk.5 Series (A.L.46, Jun.52 - A.L.53, Aug.54)

A.P. 2913D, Vol.1 2nd Ed., AI Mk.21 Radar, General and Technical Information (A.L.1/2 Jun.55)

AN 16-30 APS 57-2 AI Radar Set Handbook, USAF (extract)

Schematic diagram of 1956 GCI 'Happidrome' radar installation, (courtesy Bruce T. Neale, Marconi Radar Systems)

Photos of AMES Type 7, and Marconi Type 13 and Type 14 radar antennas.

Photos of RAF Ground Controlled Interception 'Happidrome' circa1950's; views of Reporting Room, local-area plotting table and Chief Fighter Controller's room

Correspondence from Frederick Flower, RAF Museum, Hendon, re Venom & interception procedures, to Martin Shough 1986

Correspondence from Bruce T. Neale, consultant, Marconi Radar Systems Ltd., to Martin Shough, 1986 (re RAF GCI radar circa 1956)

Correspondence from G. David Thayer to Martin Shough, 1986-88

Correspondence between Philip Klass, G. David Thayer and Stanton Friedman 1976-78

Correspondence between Dave Clarke and Dr David Atlas, NASA, 2002

Correspondence between Dave Clarke and Ian Ridpath re Perseid meteors, 2001.

Article, 'Lakenheath ATC Saves USAF B-45 "Tornado"', Lakenheath base newspaper, August 1956 (courtesy Forrest Perkins)

Article, 'Nuclear Near-Disaster Reportedly Covered Up', Sun-News, November 6 1979 (courtesy G. D. Thayer)

Telex classified TOP SECRET OPERATIONAL IMMEDIATE from General Walsh, Commander US 7th Air Division in England to General Curtis Le May, Commander of Strategic Air Command concerning B-47 crash in weapons storage area, July 27 1956

Personal letter (handwritten) from 'AC' to Martin Shough detailing hearsay information from MoD-accredited aviation photographer re Lakenheath incident in 1956

Email to James Easton, hearsay regarding Lakenheath/Bentwaters radar technicians 1956

Ridpath, Ian, 'The UFO Conspiracy' Sunday Times, March 19 1978

Shough, M. L., Blips! The Lakenheath Story, unpublished manuscript 1992

Thayer, G. D., Inside the Colorado UFO Project, unpublished manuscript 1987

'Unceasing Vigil'- article from Flight International, 1956, on work of 23 Squadron and RAF Coltishall in Air Defence (courtesy Ivan Logan)

"New European Defence System", from FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL, 23 December 1955

Lindsay, R., De Havilland Venom, Stockton-on-Tees, 1974

(major books and articles)

Hynek, J. A., The UFO Experience, Henry Regnery 1972. Case summary.

Klass, Philip J, 'UFOs Over England' in UFOs Explained, Random House, 1974, p.216

McDonald, J., 'UFOs over Lakenheath', FSR Vol 16/2 (1970)

McDonald, J. 'Science in default: 22 years of inadequate UFO investigation', Symposium on UFOs, 134th Meeting, AAAS, Boston, Dec, 27, 1969, in: Sagan & Page (eds) UFOs: A Scientific Debate, Cornell University Press, 1972

Menzel, D., 'UFOs, a Modern Myth', in: Sagan & Page (eds) UFOs: A Scientific Debate, Cornell University Press 1972

Menzel, D. & Taves, The UFO Enigma 1977

Ridpath, Ian, 'New Light on Lakenheath' IUR (CUFOS) August 1978 pp.6-7

Shough, Martin L., 'Radar and the UFO', in Evans & Spencer (eds) UFOs: 1947-87, Fortean Tomes 1987

Shough, M. L. 'Radar/visual Encounter at Bentwaters', in: Evans & Spencer (eds), Phenomenon, Futura 1988 pp.82-96

Thayer, G.D., Radar and Optical Analyses of Field Cases, and Case #2 in: Gillmor, D., (ed) et al, Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, 1969.

Thayer, G. D., 'The Lakenheath Radar-Visual UFO case', J. of Astronautics and Aeronautics, September 1971

Thayer, G. D., entry on Lakenheath-Bentwaters in: Story, Ronald (ed) The UFO Encyclopedia, 1980

Detailed analyses and Opinions by members of the Lakenheath Collaboration can be accessed from the Background and History page

The References page contains a full bibliography

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