More scenes around Strathconon, Ross-shire


Little Wyvis from above Blackrock


Scatwell skyscape


Sunburst over Strathconon Forest


View from Strathconon Village Hall


Little Scatwell House


Glen Meanidh, Strathconon


Caledonian Pine stump


Strathconon forest


Broken tree, Contin Mains


Croft ruin, Corrie Feol, Scardroy


Combes family monument, Scardroy


River Meig in spate, Meig Gorge, by Curin, Strathconon


Stags, Scardroy


View west from Strathconon woods


Loch meig


Sgur a Mhoulin from Loch Meig


River Meig, Scatwell farm



Morning visitor, Blackrock


On the 'back road' to Contin


Forestry, Glen Meanidh


Loch Beanacharain, Scardroy


Combes family monument, Scardroy


On Knockfarrel, near Contin


Scatwell Farm


Strathconon Village Hall




Corrie Feol, Scardroy

Loch Meig


Old bridge by Strathconon


Loch Luichart hydroelectric dam


Ancient rock shelter, Glen Marcasaidh