Miscellaneous essays, scripts, stories etc

Mahler's Music of the Mountains (biographical sketch of Gustav Mahler 1989)

Living for a Living (article, 1990)

A Far, Far better Thing (article, 1990)

To Climb the Magic Mountain (biographical essay on Gustav Mahler, 1995)

The Wayman (fantasy novel, unfinished 1998 - 2002)

Do We Need Nature? (entry for a New Scientist essay competition 2002)

Passing Places (fantasia autobiographica, 2000-2010)

Eschatus (sci-fi novel; fragment, 2007)

Sea Spirit (radio play, 2008)

The Farm (radio play, unfinished 2008)

Wind (radio play, unfinished 2009)

Whimsy Willows (novel, 1984 - 2010)


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