PRO AIR 28/1439 RAF Waterbeach logbook/AIR 27/3119 253 Squadron

Notes by Dave Clarke

AIR 28/1439 RAF Waterbeach logbook

Group Captain R.G. Dutton was Officer Commanding RAF Waterbeach

AUGUST 1956 - Due to extremely showery weather and frequent heavy thunderstorms, the Wing was able to operate only 23 days of the month. No 253 Squadron [the base squadron, flying Venoms] did night flying on 7 nights and No 63 Squadron [Meteors] on 2 nights.

AIR 27/3119 No 253 Squadron logbook

AUGUST 1956 - Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader Clive Brooks.

Phone conversation with Mr Brooks, August 2001:

No memory of UFO incident or of anything unusual involving the squadron at the relevant time, confirmed by checks with flying logbook. He was emphatic that no Venoms from his squadron were involved in a UFO incident at that time.

The squadron's Wing Commander, Peter Finlayson, in a letter dated 1 September 2001, stated:

"My logbook is of no help I'm afraid, neither does anything come to mind. Re 'Exercise Fabulous' I recall that when 23 Squadron occupied our QRA base [at Waterbeach] I, and others of 253, were plugged in and operating from Horsham St Faith's QRA positions. During these exercises I remember crew-room chatter about UFOs, but that's all. The night weather was exceptionally clear and the heavens, even from ground level, very prominent. That is all I can say."