Testimony of RAF Squadron Leader 'X'

(Notes of telephone conversation, received from Dave Clarke 13.03.02)

'X' is an RAF Squadron Leader who contacted Freddie Wimbledon and me after FW's piece appeared in the RAF Neatishead newsletter last year. 'X' said he recalled the incident and the fact that two Venom night-fighters were scrambled to intercept an object that had tracked on radar moving at tremendous speeds.

I managed to speak to him and obtained these notes: "Once within range the 'object' appeared stationary on their onboard radar but they were unable to see anything, and eventually returned to base. No explanation was found, no harm was done so the whole thing was quickly forgotten. On the night in question I was detailed to take a Belgian officer to Neatishead and we were able to watch the extraordinary performance of the UFO on the radar."

This suggested to me that PDS recordings of the UFO event were made at the time. Unfortunately, this gentlemen would not give an address or phone number, but I WAS able to confirm his account re the Belgian officer in the Eastern Sector ORBs at the PRo which, in an entry dated 14 August 1956 notes: "....visit by officers of Belgian sector to SOC for consultations on control and reporting matters..."