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E-mail from William Simpson, USAF retired, to David Clarke, 5 June 2002:

"I noticed your article in the recent issue of AACS Alumni Association newsletter. I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters in the GCA unit during the indicated sightings you refer to. I cannot remember the exact date, but my assignment at Bentwaters was temporary at that time as RAF Woodbridge was closed almost 12 months for runway resurfacing.

"I was on duty at the GCA unit which was located on the opposite side of the runway from the control tower. My recollection of the event was to be shown by another airman several bright lights (I think three) moving from NW to SE low on the horizon over the hangars which were located on that side of the field. The sky as I remember was not yet dark.

"Although I can remember several members of my AACS unit at Bentwaters, I do not recognise the names of Elmer Whenry or John Vaccare. I do seem to recall that at least one T-33 was scrambled to investigate.

"Having now had several weeks to think back about the exact UFO incident, I should point out that further sightings were made [at a later date] at Woodbridge and I was present during GCA radar tracking. This will have had to have been some months later, I assume the summer of 1957 as I was reposed to Woodbridge after the runway had been resurfaced.

"I seem to remember this incident somewhat clearer as the sky was almost dark and the objects appeared reddish in colour again I seem to remember three. They were moving in a direction from NW to SE and appeared out over the North Sea. The Woodbridge runway was only several miles from the sea, which could be seen from the Woodbridge control tower.

"Although I initially thought that it was this incident that I observed the objects on radar, I now wonder whether it was actually Woodbridge or Bentwaters where I saw the blips on the GCA radar scope. The units at Woodbridge and Bentwaters were the same. Either CPN-4 or MPN-11 GCA radar units. The scope nearest the door was the search scope (orange) with a range if I remember of 30 miles from the centre point of the sweep.

"We tracked the blip moving horizontally across the scope at an estimated 3,300 miles per hour. The other thing I remember was the blips taking a right hand 90 degree turn from horizontal to vertical with no slowing down in speed.

"Clearly time has a way of adding some confusion as to the exact date or whether the scope incident was at Woodbridge or Bentwaters. However, I do recall that in the days following there was some discussion as to the radar beam possibly bouncing off squid boats off the coast and also radar bouncing or giving a false echo due to atmospheric conditions.

"I hope the information provided is of some interest, but would emphasize that over 40 years have passed, and consequently one's memory is not always clear, and therefore I cannot be held responsible for any innacuracies with regard to this information."