Letter from Forrest D. Perkins to Stanton Friedman, 03 September 1978 (handwritten original)


Note new address and phone number. Reference Mr. Wimbledon (sounds like an alias to me). I would suspect he was the RAF liaison officer I was speaking to throughout the encounter. I didn't ring him - I had no "line" to him. 7th Air Division patched him into the concversation probably - (or possibly one of the other parties on the line) we all had switchboards so anyone could have called him and patched him in (except us - we didn't have a line to him). He was on the line as stated in the original letter I sent to the Condon Committee thruout the encounter so he heard me say exactly what was happening. The pilots were talking and being vectored to the target by my controllers (Could the RAF Facility have been talking to the radar man in the plane also? I don't know.) The pilots talked to each other on my frequency - not a tactical frequency - how else could I report a conversation on the phone and in the subsequent letter which was verified in the original reports to Blue Book? We called them CERVIX reports at that time.

I suspect this man did scramble the venoms after the discussion with 7th Air Division and 3rd Air Force about what it might be (i.e. one of theirs? etc). I susoect he remembers exactly what I was saying on the phone but maybe after so long a time thinks it was the RAF that was talking instead of the USAF. Or- his men may have been talking to the Radar Operator, while I was talking to the Pilot. They had height finding which I don't remember using (if we did indeed still have it as mentioned before in my letters to you. I would be curious to know what "Fresh Instructions" Venom #1 was given by the RAF. The UFO target did not disappear until long after both venoms had returned, and landed. The original message confirms this as well as my recollection.

I suspect we may be dealing with a faulty memory here. I would like to hear from his co-workers also on this. It would be interesting to hear their version.

You mentioned once that the Venom #1 pilot had been interviewed by Blue Book - did he back up the original report? (note by STF - I believe this comment was made by Thayer [note by Thayer - No] or someone else, not me)

It is more proof of the validity of the sighting if the inconsistencies between his story and mine can be explained. Wish I could help with the exaplanations But can't think of any more. Give me a call if I can help.


P.S. We did have a line to High Wycombe. Could that be where he was located? That was the British ATC Agency we dealt with and I could have called them - in which case he could be right. I'm positive 7th AD or someone else got the RAF liaison on the phone but if I knew his agency name I could be even more certain.
Some of the RAF controllers on duty that night may still be there - they don't move around like we do and they never seem to quit - its possible one or two may still be there.

P.S. The UFO wasn't "buzzing us" and that is completely wrong. The UFO was behaving in a way no aircraft we had ever seen could be behaving, this info was passed verbatim to everyone as I related in my letter and original message to Blue Book stated this also.

[from typed transcript prepared without changes by STF 9-6-78]