Letter from Forrest D. Perkins to Martin L. Shough, mid-Sept. 1987

(Handwritten original)


Sending those you asked for and some more I found rummaging through my papers - TOM EMERICKS (THOMAS K EMERICK I THINK) IS 1903 FARMSVILLE DRIVE, SAN ANTONIO TEXAS - don't have his phone # - or at least can't find it - Information should have it.

Could you copy these papers and send them back (by boat) I'm in no rush.

The maps & reports are all probably gone now - they just keep kept those for a whike then got rid of them I suppose - They probably attached no significance to the maps anyway - it was routine in all emergency and unusual situations to make them - usually only in cases of accidents were they ever used or referred to.

Hope this background info helps.

Bye for now