Letter from Forrest D. Perkins to Gordon David Thayer, 27 July 1976


Received your kind letter and will send on all information I have that may help. As to Klass, I think I'll pass. After reading his article again, I am forced to conclude he is either stupid or very hungry. Only stupidity or avarice could have motivated the man. I like neither. However, should he ever attempt to contact me I will try to be polite.

I assume that Stanton T. Friedman only sent you the first letter I sent to him so I will send a copy of the second letter I sent him a couple of weeks after the first one. In that letter I reiterated that I was working from 5PM to Midnight, and stayed over for some time after relief was made to help, write up a report of the happenings, etc. The time in the telegraphic report is wrong if it does not agree with me. I received (or rather the controller that answered the Sculthorpe line) received the call around 1000 or 1100PM. Naturally Ican't remember exact times or Milages after so long a time, but my letter to the UFO Investigation Committee was meant to be an absolutely minute by minute representation of what had occurred twelve years before, but only a general description of what had occurred, so they could investigate the incident if they felt so inclined.

The CPS-5 was modified by Bendix Tech Reps and the Radar Maint. men at the facility. The men outlined in red on attached sheet [missing] probably assisted with the modification and can probably give you more precise figures of RPM after modification than I can. They might also remember the names of the Bendix and Gilfillan Tech reps involved. I know they increased the RPM sibstantially as the CPS-5 is fine for AC&W work but was lousy for Air traffic control work because of the RPM. Hope you can locate them.

The names outlined in Black were the other controllers, some of them were working with me, others were working at midnight. During the period of time that this occurred there were many changes of personnel from one shift to another so I afraid I can't pinpoint which of these were working that night. Evidently Emerick wasn't as Friedman called him on the phone.

When the CPS-5 was modified we used the GCA Equipment for several days or longer as it was a lengthy modification, however I do not know what exact structural changes in the equipment were involved.

Feel free to contact me for any information you may need and I will send it along if I have the answers.

Bye for now

Forrest D.Perkins