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Letter and phone conversation with Air Vice Marshal Charles Moore, RAF Retired, 24 June 2001

Dave Clarke

AVM Moore was, in 1956-57 the Director of Intelligence, Air Ministry, Whitehall.

"Of course I remember the incident to which you refer, but for two reasons I was not involved. a) I was out of London at the time, either on leave or duty, I forget which. As I am now in my 90s, my memory is not too great; b) D.D.I. (Tech) was responsible for UFOs direct to ACAS (I) so did not come under me as D of I. So, I fear, I cannot be of much help to your research."

In the phone conversation, AVM Moore said he was notified of the incident involving targets detected by radar at "several USAF bases in East Anglia" and "the scramble by RAF of aircraft without result." He said this was one of "many similar incidents" at that time.

He said the incident was investigated by D.D.I. (Tech) Air Ministry and a report sent to the Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Intelligence). ACAS (I) at that time was Air Vice Marshal W (Bill). M. L. Macdonald, who died in 1976.