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Annotated copy of a typed transcript of Perkins' letter to the Colorado U. UFO Project, Feb 1968

The annotation at the head of the letter is written in a different hand from others on the document, initialled "R.C." The author is believed to be Roy Craig. It reads:

'Good radar visual case, rec'd early Feb 1968 [by?] personal letter.'

The next annotation, in the hand of Robert J. Low, Dean of Faculties at the University of Colorado and UFO Project Coordinator, reads:

'(A "C" case file should be made on this.) Send copy to Major Quintanilla.'

This note in the left margin is in the hand of Robert J. Low and is addressed to Major Hector Quintanilla Jr., Blue Book Project Officer.

This is believed to be the first request for information dated 06 March 1968. It reads:

"Hector, know anything about this one? Any ideas on it? The fellow doesn't understand security regulations very much well does he? But I would be surprised if this was ever classified. BJL"

The entire Blue Book file was declassified a few days later by Major Quintanilla, effective 15 March 1968 under the authority of AFR 205-1 para 2-176 (ii). But nothing was sent to the UFO Project.

By late July after a second request to Quintanilla by Roy Craig the Project finally received IR-1-56 from Bentwaters, but nothing else.

Not until after a third request, in September, did Quintanilla send a copy of BOI-485.


Curiously, the University of Colorado Interdepartmental Memorandum to Major Quintanilla stapled to this annotated copy of Perkins' letter, signed on behalf of Robert J. Low by Lucia McKelvey, bears the erroneous date "3-6-67"

The note shown below appears in the right-hand margin. It reads:

Copy to Dr. Menzel. Donald, do you have any thoughts on this?

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