Blue Book Memorandum from Dr. L. V. Robinson, Air Science Division


SUBJECT: (U) Perseids over England - Period 11-20 August 1956

1. The following information was derived after discussion with Captain Gregory on 14 August 1956 concerning the possibility of meteoric showers over England being mistaken for probably unidentified flying objects:

a. The Perseids are prominent and apparently could be quite spectacular over England.

b. The Perseids are at their visual peak between the 11th and 20th of August

c. These meteors, in their individual flights, could appear to cross over at large angles to other meteors.

d. It is possible that individual meteor trails (ionized gases) may trace on radar scopes.

e. Although only limited information is given me, these meteors could be an explanation of some of the sightings observed over Lakenheath and Bentwaters.

s/s L.V.Robinson

Dr. L. V. Robinson
Air Science Division
27 August 1956

[handwritten annotations by Captain Gregory:]

Sgt. Hill:

1. File
2. Results of approach to Dr. Robinson and Dr. Byers on the possibility of meteors indicating their trail (directly or indirectly) on radar scopes.
s/s Capt. Gregory

Capt. [illegible] points out that the Perseids have produced variations in the earth's magnetic field which can be recorded on magnetic instruments, simultaneously with radar observations. Studies made in 1950 indicate that the maximum intensity of these magnetic pulses occurred on the 13th & 14th of August.

s/s Capt. Gregory