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Letter from John Killock to London Daily Express 'UFO Bureau', 1978

". . . I was a witness, with others who wish to remain anonymous, to the Lakenheath flap of 1956. I have never seen such panic. From the Prickwillow Rd., Ely, we could see searchlights sweeping the sky in every direction. We saw a bright white star-like light speeding low across the fen straight towards us. When the light reached us it stopped dead. It did not slow down. It just stopped. The light went out, then a bright flash of light and it shot off on the exact course from which it came, as if on a slack string.

"About ten minutes later we sat on a wall in New Barns Avenue opposite the phone box. Looked up and almost above us three amber glowing object - quite low- but enveloped in cloud, although the night was clear. After a few minutes the objects began to revolve in a clockwise direction, slowly at first, then much faster, and the objects were swopping places with each other at great speed - and it went straight up and was gone . . . ."


[witness's diagram at left]

"Clockwise rotation first. Then amber objects were swopping places at great speed (like A to B, B to C, C to A) and the whole thing still rotating clockwise, seemed to be one craft and not three."

See Analysis of Visual Sightings at Lakenheath for discussion.