Letter from John H. Killock to Martin Shough
02 Mar 1988

(Handwritten original)

Dear Mr. Shough

On the night of August 13th 1956 between 930PM and 11-45.PM I was on the Prickwillow road Ely when I noticed a bright star-like object at about 1,500 FT towards the east and in the direction of Lakenheath. When it descended very quickly and flew low and fast over the fen in my direction, my thoughts at the time was that it must be a jet aircraft and that the pilot must be a ittle crazy to fly so low and fast, and that it would roar over our head but this did not happen. There was no sound and the bright star like object stopped dead without slowing at about 70 to my position, the light went out for 2-3 seconds, then a bright flash of light and it took on the star like appearance again and flew back towards Lakenheath.

Soon after the sound of a jet aircraft and the very distinctive sound of the de Havilland Gost turbojet and the dim outline of the aircraft and also a red navigation light, flying from the S.W. to the E the same direction as the U.F.O.

Later the same night I was in New Barns Ave, and I saw searchlights sweeping the sky from the direction of Lakenheath and also Mildenhall I think, when I looked to my right and was amazed to see the glow of three amber objects hovering over the road at a height of 50-70 FT some 30 YDS to my right, the object seemed to generate its own cloud infolding on itself, completely silent and rock-steady. After some minutes the sound of a metallic click and a whine the UFO began to rotate in a clockwise direction, but after only a few feet it stopped and returned to its original position. Again the metallic click and whine but this time the rotation was very fast, and for a few seconds the objects seemed to swap places in what appeared to be a figure-of-eight before returning to spinning in the shape of a ring.

The object began ascending until it was out of sight.

I think it was one object and not three, but I cannot be sure as I could not see beyond the cloud that the object formed.

I trust this account may be of use to you and wish you well with your venture.

Yours sincerely

s/J.H.Killock (Mr)