Letter from Capt. Gregory to J. Allen Hynek, 26 Nov, 1956

Box 9703
1125th FAG (ATIC)
Wright-Patterson AFB
26 November 1956

Dr. J. Allen Hynek

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
60 Gardon Street
Cambridge 38, Massechusetts

Dear Dr. Hynek:

Reference is made to my letter of 20 November 1956 in which I stated that I would send you the finalized material on the Lakenheath case. Inclosed you will find AF 112 on the final investigations regarding this sighting.

I am relieved to find that they carry it under an unclassified category. This, of course, helps us in both the discussion and transmittal aspects.

I have included a rough plot of the three radar and one visual observations of the sightings. This should be of some help for your review and comment. These sightings, in my opinion, cannot be considered concurrent with respect to time. The separate report of each observer indicates three widely divergent tracks. An attempted intercept by American airplanes, which lasted for 45 minutes, produced no physical evidence of any UFO in the area. The visual observation leads me to believe that the observer was seeing Mars. Also, there appears to have been some contact (I do not wish to use the word "collusion") between the operator of two radar stations since they both state speed of exactly 4000 m.p.h.

I feel, therefore, that our original analyses of anomalous propagation and astronomical is more or less correct. I will consider this case closed upon recept of your final comment. at which time I will make a compiled, final conclusion for the Air Force.

A word concerning your proposed visit. As things are now it seems improbable that any plans can be made before the beginning of January.


s/s Capt. Gregory

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