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E-mail to Dave Clarke from Richard Gossett, CMS Ret. USAF, 29 December 2001

"I have just received my AACS news letter and saw you wanted information regarding UFOs at Lakenheath.

"In [April 1958] I was the chief controller of the Anglia control ATC at RAF Lakenheath. I recall one incident where we picked up numerous radar targets (approximately 40) at around 0100 early one morning. I received a call from the center and proceeded to my office. They had already notified the base commander and the deputy commander was in the center evaluating the situation. To my knowledge no type of alert was called. We watched these targets for about 30 minutes. There were no other aircraft airborne at the time so we could not vector anyone for a visual contact. The deputy commander was getting all excited that we were going to be invaded. His name was Lt Col Lanzoni.

"After observing the targets as I said, they suddenly disappeared. We had a Tech REP there and he wrote it off as some type of atmospheric ground effect problem but who knows. It was the only time that we observed this and I was at Lakenheath until the summer of 1958. This is all I know. Good luck with your research."

See: THE SUNDAY EXPRESS (London), April 20, 1958, p 13