Letter from Gordon David Thayer to Philip Klass
23 July 1976

Dear Phil:

I have no objection to your bringing along the guest you mentioned in your July 6 letter.

As for the CPS-5 scan rate 'barometer' you propose, I do indeed smell a trap! However, I do agree that whatever the outcome of this issue, the result should definitely have a bearing on the degree of credibility we assign to Perkins' recollections. I should think that would go without saying. I have written to Forrest (Perkins) asking him to supply details about how this modification was accomplished, under whose authority, etc. I, too, hope I can get a reply before our August 8th meeting.

In my letter to Perkins I also asked him about the possibility that he might have been on the midnight to 8 a.m. shift that night, although I personally feel that is not at all likely.

[irrelevant paragraph deleted]

One last thing. When you come to Boulder next month, would it be too much trouble to bring the manuals for the radars involved? If they would weight you down too much, just say so. Perhaps you could either make copies of some pages having information I need, or you could give me the addresses to write to so that I could get my own copies - if that is possible.

By the way, I was right about the MPN-11 scan rate. The electrically scanned landing radar is not in question; it is the CPN-4 surveillance radar that was undoubtedly used. And you state (June 4, p.3) that the CPN-4 is 15 rpm = 1 rev/4 sec. So the Bluebook telegram was once again incorrect!


s/ Gordon D. Thayer

cc: Stan Friedman