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E-mail from Ian Fraser-Kerr to David Clarke, 10 January 2001

"Thanks for your e-mail of 2 January. Sorry I am so late in replying but have been away over the holidays. Had stored my log book and had a job finding it.

"Sorry to say that as far as your information requirements are concerned, ie. specifically the UFO side of things I can recall very little save that we were scrambled on an identification sortie on an official scramble (as opposed to normal practice exercises) and saw nothing!

"I read from my log book that on that secondment I was flying with Ivan Logan who was not my normal navigator (radar operator) and I had to do a short landing on return to base as there had been a minor accident on the runway which had not been cleared and that on a subsequent trip I had a hydraulic failure. Meeting up with Ivan and having a long chin wag was most enjoyable. Sorry not to have been more helpful."


E-mail from Ian Fraser-Kerr to David Clarke, 6 March 2001

"I am sure you have given me up as a lost cause. Thanks for all your information. Re the tyre coming off I do not remember but have that flight as "refamiliarisation" after having been off flying for a period with a burst ear drum.

"Ref the flight on Aug the 13 my only notes are "FAB scramble had Hydraulic failure" and it was in fact my last flight in the RAF before leaving and then joining the DeHavilland Engine co as a test pilot."