Freddie Wimbledon: Biographical note

Frederick H. C. Wimbledon, born September 29 1910, was 46 years old at the time of the events.

Having been a private pilot before WWII he enlisted with the RAF in November 1939 and according to the RAF Retired List was commissioned on February 23 1942.

A medical transfer to Air Traffic Control duties in 1943 led to a specialisation in Fighter Control in 1951, and on March 5 1952 he was made up to Flight Lieutenant.

By 1956 he was a Chief Fighter Controller at the Neatishead RAF Sector Operations Centre, an underground, nuclear-strike-hardened concrete complex near Barton Broad, a few miles northeast of Norwich, Norfolk.

The following year he became an Instructor at the RAF School of Fighter Control, and in 1960 was appointed to an Examining Team for overseas Fighter Control units before becoming an RAF Liaison Officer with the Luftwaffe in 1962.

He retired from a post with H.Q. Fighter Command on June 29 1965.