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Air Commodore A. N. Davis, prompt notes for BBC Radio Oxford interview, Feb 1972

Extract from Davis' handwritten notes referring to his "own involvement" in Lakenheath incident


Introduction - Not an expert
- Civil servant - jack of all trades (M. of none,
- Also been describes as interface between 'operators' of AFD and 'great Br. public'
Origins of UFOs - Montgolfier Bros. 1783
- Icarus - of Wax heat-resistant
Greeks word for it - Eng. U. falling
- UFO societies (since 1945?)
Dealing with reports - Circ. to ops & intel centres.
examined by specialist staffs.
sometimes to Met Off. & R. observ
up to stage of no defence implic
Blue Book (& Colorado) 1. No UFO report indicates threat
2. No indication of devpts beyond present Scien knowledge
3. No indication that unident. are extra terrestrial.
- We agree.
Own involvement - Attacked by saucer over G. in 1944
Vectored on to UFO in 1956.