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Email from Editor, Bentwaters Base Newspaper

To Dave Clarke, 25 March 2003

Dear Dr. Clarke,

I was editor of the base newspaper from 1956 to 1959. The old F-86s belonged to the 512th squadron attached to our base. We flew F-84Fs and later F101 Voodoos, a twin engine jet fighter.

I can't recall any F-86s chasing flying saucers or anything of that nature. We were very close to a RAF base at Martlesham, so sometimes our aircraft got in their flight path, and they in ours.

I have forwarded your letter to several of my Bentwaters friends and asked for their opinions.

I thought it was in the late 60s or 70s that the UFOs were spotted around Bentwaters. I remember reading the news reports. You can also check the archives of the East Anglian Daily Times to see if they have any stories.

Kindest Regards,

Walter F. O'Toole